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Melanin is a substance present in our body that determines our skin colour – whether we have a fair or dark complexion. However, the concern arises when melanin is abnormally concentrated in one area, giving rise to what’s commonly known as pigmentation, freckles or dark spots.


Pigmentation is a common skin problem in Singapore with it's hot and sunny weather all year round. Some people may face recurring pigmentation despite having seen results from regular treatment and home care; this is mostly due to ageing, genes, hormones , the environment, or lack of proper sun protection (such as the use of sunblock), which causes our body to produce melanin.







How to Treat Stubborn Pigmentation



雀斑 (Freckles)


黑斑 (Dark Spots/Pigmentation)


黄褐斑 (Melasma)

DrPigment™ Twin laser Program combines 2 intensive laser treatments – the N-Laser & Y-Laser – to help you achieve clearer skin & a clean look. The N-Laser first lightens pigmentation on the skin’s surface layer, then the Y-Laser is used to eliminate the root source of pigmentation within the deep layers of your skin to prevent recurrence. The DrPigment™ Twin laser treatment is safe and has no downtime.


DrPigment™ 双重镭射疗程主张采用两种镭射针对肌肤表层黑斑和肌肤内层的黑色素沉淀作出治疗。“N-镭射”先去除肌肤表层已形成的黑斑,之后的“Y-镭射”则使用黄色与绿色的镭射光能,对准肌肤内层里导致黑色素积极生产的源头进行治疗,以防色素沉淀的问题不断上演。DrPigment™ 双重镭射疗程既能解决表层的色素问题,也能打从根本去除皮肤深层黑色素的成分,根除问题及减低重返的机率。接受护理后,色素会逐渐淡化,且也不会对周围的皮肤组织造成任何损害。


DrPigment™ 初级疗程 (Starter Program)


$68 for 1 session of C+P Lasers

Lightens Pigmentaion & Soothes Skin


$68 附一次“C-镭射” 和 “P-镭射”。




DrPigment™ 强效疗程 (Advanced Program)


$198 for 1 session of N+Y Lasers

Lightens Pigmentation and Prevents Recurrences. Recommended to be done at least once a month.


$198 附一次“N-镭射” 和 “Y-镭射”。




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