DrPigment TwinLaser System

Melanin is a substance present in our body that determines our skin colour – whether we have a fair or dark complexion. However, the concern arises when melanin is abnormally concentrated in one area, giving rise to what’s commonly known as pigmentation. DrPigment TwinLaser combines short-pulsed dual green and yellow light energies and specifically targets the removal of pigmented lesions on the skin surface. This treatment also helps to prevent future recurrence by reducing melanin levels in deeper layers of your skin.


DrPigment TwinLaser Program combines 2 clinically-proven laser treatments – the N-Laser & Y-Laser – to help you achieve clear skin & a clean look. It is the culmination of research and development backed by clinical trials. N-Laser first lightens pigmentation on the skin’s surface layer, then e the Y-Laser (dual green and yellow light energies) eliminates the root source of pigmentation within the deep layers of your skin to prevent recurrence.

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Due to publicity regulations in Singapore, if you wish to view treatment results to better understand the visual effects of the treatment, please visit our aesthetics centres or the website of our overseas affiliates.