ClearSK Medi-Skincare Smoothen Series

ClearSK’s Medi-Skincare Smoothen series was specially formulated to address issues particularly related to acne prone skin, such as excessive oil production, bacterial colonization and hyperkeratinisation. Our products also promote hydration and skin renewal, which are important factors in preventing the outbreak of acne. ClearSK’s Smoothen series also contain potent medi-grade, anti-acne ingredients to target acne-causing bacteria.


We recommend customers who have oily or acne-prone skin conditions to use our range of products within the Smoothen Series. Our products have undergone thorough clinical testing for safety and effectiveness, however, we advise customers to conduct a patch test before fully utilising the product to check for the development of allergic reactions.


Our medi-consultants strongly advise our customers to avoid renewal creams or serums 1 week before and after doing any laser or skin resurfacing treatments.


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