ClearSK Medi-Skincare Tighten series

ClearSK’s Medi-Skincare Tighten series was specially formulated to stimulate collagen production and improve the skin’s moisture retention abilities. It works intensively to smoothen out wrinkles, rejuvenate and repair damaged skin from years of sun exposure and other harmful environmental factors.


We recommend customers who are starting to notice signs of aging appearing to use our range of products from the Tighten Series. Our products have undergone thorough clinical testing for safety and effectiveness, however, we advise customers to conduct a patch test before fully utilising the product to check for the development of allergic reactions.


As some of the products within our Tighten Series may contain Retinol, for women, we advise against the usage of these products during the period of pregnancy or lactation. Our medi-consultants also strongly advise our customers to avoid renewal creams or serums 1 week before and after doing any laser or skin resurfacing treatments.


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