Thermage Facelift

Thermage uses radio frequency technology to deliver heating energy to the deeper layers of the skin while concurrently cooling the surface of the skin. This first tightens the underlying layers of your skin, while concurrently giving your body a boost in natural collagen production. Both these effects serve to give you a smoother, more youthful appearance wherever treatment is delivered.


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Going under the knife or even the thought of minor invasive procedures, such as facial injectable, may intimidate some women who are looking to restore their youthful appearance. Customers are constantly looking for non-invasive treatments with little to no downtime to achieve their desired beauty look.


The latest version of Thermage skin tightening is called Thermage CPT. This stands for Comfort Pulse Technology. This means that when the radio frequency is delivered to the skin, it is done in a series of micro-pulses. Additionally, the handpiece vibrates with each pulse, which minimizes the heating effect on the skin. This all goes toward ensuring total patient comfort during the procedure.


Facelift Starter: V Face Shaper @ $98 

Facelift Advanced: Thermage Face @ $3500


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the treatment like?

As the treatment begins, the equipment is placed onto the target area and customers may feel a cooling sensation on the skin, with a vibrating sensation following soon after as the RF energy begins penetrating deep into the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment areas and remodelling the collagen. A cryogen spray to cool the epidermis will be delivered after the treatment ends.

How long will it take before I am able to see results?

Most customers observe a visible difference immediately after treatment. Continued improvements and contouring may be observed for up to six months after treatment as your body begins regenerating collagen. This new collagen thickens your skin’s collagen matrix, creating a smoothing effect with results lasting up to 2 years.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Thermage technology is FDA-approved and safe for most skin types. However, we still advise customers to consult with our doctor to work out the best treatment plan for their skin profile.

What are the complementary treatments to help improve treatment results?

Are there any side effects from the treatment?

Thermage is FDA-approved and has been clinically-test with over 10 years of successful treatments. For added comfort, the latest improved version of Thermage, which is the Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) adds a gentle vibrating sensation and cooling bursts.

Is there any post-treatment care you would advise?

For the best results, we recommend our customers to combine both our Ulthera and Thermage treatments.



Due to publicity regulations in Singapore, if you wish to view treatment results to better understand the visual effects of the treatment, please visit our aesthetics centres or the website of our overseas affiliates.