Laser Program for Pigmentation, Pimples, Pores & Lines



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Having good skin is no easy feat especially if you live in a hot, humid and sunny environment all year round. Problems like, Pigmentation, Pimples, Pores and Fine Lines, easily appear due to sun damage, hormones,puberty, environment and ageing. If not taken care of when they appear, these problems can become a permanent facial landmark.



How Does The Program Works?

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Good skin is cultivated from young and through medical-grade treatments that are done regularly to maintain your skin health by reducing all the active problems like Pigmentation, Pimples, Pores & Lines. 


"Cosmetic Laser" is one such medical-grade treatment program, that is non-invasive treatment and known for its gentleness on skin for lightening pigmentation, treats pimples, refines pores and lines. It is a short 10-min treatment procedure done by doctors, with a soothing mask provided to hydrate & soothe the skin. Great as a quickie lunch time procedure! Recommended to be done weekly for maintaining skin.



Starter Program: 2 Sessions of Cosmetic Laser @ $68.

Available at all CSK outlets.


 To Enquire:

1) Call or SMS <W4><Name> to 9710 8808

2) Call 6100 6886

3) Fill up form below


Other Available Treatments:

1) Boto Jaw Slimming $320

2) Skin Booster 水光针 $198

3) Nose Filler $398

4) Laser Slimming, 2 for $68




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