Laser Slimming for Stubborn Fats at Tummy, Thighs, Arms


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Exercise and maintaining a proper healthy diet are 2 main factors of a slim & healthy body. However, do you face situations whereby you have stubborn bulges at your tummy belly, thighs, arms that refuse to go away even with exercising & proper diet? These stubborn bulges are also hard to hide away, especially when you wear your favourite "figure-hugging" dress.


Laser Slimming, designed by doctors for safe & reliable results, targets exactly at the tummy belly, thighs & arms to first melt the fats with Laser energy and then, end with thermal vacuum massage to drain the melted fats from your body.



How does Laser Slimming works?




Laser Slimming is a FDA-approved fat reduction treatment using Laser technology, which melts & drains fats with no surgery, no downtime. Therefore, this makes it a great alternative to invasive fat reduction surgery such as liposuction. 


Laser Slimming first uses Laser energy to stimulates your body’s natural process to break down fat cells via melting, followed by vacuum massage to enhance drainage of the melted/liquefied fats and tighten up loosened skin. Laser Slimming has been tested by independent clinical studies using Ultrasound imagery, and it shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth.



Starter Program: 2 Laser Slimming for $68.

Available at all CSK outlets.


To Enquire:

1) Call or SMS <W5><Name> to 9710 8808

2) Call 6100 6886

3) Fill up form below 


Other Available Treatments:

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2) Skin Booster 水光针 $198

3) Nose Filler $398

4) Lasers for skin, 2 for $68




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